Burnt Latke
what is a combustion launcher?

A combustion launcher is a type of potato gun. Why potatoes? Potatoes are cheap, plentiful and create a nice seal when forced through a pipe. Experimentation has led to all types of flying fruits and vegetables. Not limited to produce, spud guns are capable of launching just about anything into orbit. Specialized launchers are used at sporting events to shoot t-shirts into the crowd, all the way to the upper deck. These t-shirt launchers are air-powered (pneumatic). Pneumatic launchers constructed from common PVC pipe are among the most powerful. A pneumatic launcher can be consistently powered to pressures higher than 100PSI producing muzzle velocities greater than the speed of sound. A supersonic potato is a beautiful thing.

Combustion launchers are the common man's potato gun. Also constructed of PVC pipe, combustion launchers use a flammable aerosol as fuel. The fuel is ignited in the sealed gun with a flint or electronic spark producing a loud report. In comparison to pneumatics, combustion guns are much weaker producing only 25-35 PSI of pressure inside the combustion chamber. Despite this, combustion launchers are capable of muzzle velocities of 400 MPH with respectable range.

A spud gun, pneumatic or combustion, is still a gun. Great care must be taken during manufacture and operation. Adult supervision is required and all the rules of traditional firearms apply to any and all launchers. Safely used, spud guns are fun. They are loud, cool looking and can mash a potato like nothing else. Grab some PVC and join the revolution.